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Virtual Treatment Program

The Mark Amy Virtual Treatment Program is a 6-week intensive and condensed version of our regular 8-week comprehensive inpatient program, in which participants are provided with the materials and electronic devices necessary to succeed in the realm of virtual treatment. 

Online Teaching

This program has been designed so individuals are able to access this resource from the comfort of their home or community centre. This program uses an integrated cultural and biopsychosocial model of treatment for the management of substance abuse and process additions. A collaboration of modalities and strategies are practiced in order to achieve positive outcomes, which include but are not limited to: (Re)Connection to culture through ceremony and cultural practices, Trauma informed care, Cognitive behavioural therapeutic approaches, Mutual aid support groups (12-step) and SMART Recovery. 

Participants are encouraged to access this program through their NNADAP referral workers, who then provide ongoing support and connection throughout the program also. Participants receive several packages through the mail through the duration of their virtual program, including traditional medicines, homework assignments and incentives to carry on through their journey with us. Participants join through self-provided devices or a tablet provided through our partnership with the Thunderbird Partnership, which include 5gb of data per month. Participants engage in programming in both a group and one on one setting, Monday to Friday from 9am-4pm throughout the 6-week program. 

We focus on abstinence as the ultimate goal with a healthy well-balanced lifestyle necessary to attain and maintain a long-term goal of wellness and sobriety. We recognize that sobriety does not necessarily translate to happiness, and encourage all avenues in pursuit of true wellness. This includes healthy relationships, home safety, diet, exercise and a broader connection to spiritual direction by their own design.

Click Here to Download our Virtual Treatment Referral Form:

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