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About Wood Buffalo Wellness Society

Wood Buffalo Wellness Society is a non-profit organization providing residential therapeutic treatment and Housing First case managemnt solutions to individuals and families facing addiction and homelessness.

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A community of safety, health and hope.


Recovering honouring the individual, respecting tradition and blessed with the heart and soul of harm reduction.

Core Values


To know love is to know peace. Love is an acceptance of others, a willingness to work with others to achieve and maintain a balanced relationship. It is about empathy and understanding, tolerance and openness. But it is not about an unconditional acceptance of the actions of others; it is caring for others and promoting harmony among people that helps us to confront those behaviours and participate in their changes.


To honour all of Creator’s children is to have respect. Respect is a similar process of acceptance recognizing that we have an obligation to treat others with respect – to be open with them, to treat them politely, to ask their opinion and consider it, to allow them to speak without interruptions, top refrain from speaking badly of them, and to allow them – when they must – to make their own decisions and find their own answers.


Humility is to know yourself as a sacred part of the Creator. Humility is an understanding that no one is more important than anyone else, that every person has value and gifts to offer, that while we can assist and support others (our humility recognizes that they know what is best for them than we know what is best for them). It teaches us to seek to understand before we seek to be understood, and that we do not judge others.

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Honesty in facing a situation is to be brave. Honesty means that we speak openly and candidly to others, not hiding our messages, but offering them at their request, our points of view and our suggestions. Honesty means that we so what we say and say what we mean and that we expect the same from those around us. It means that we answer reasonable questions with truthful statements, fully responding.


Courage is to face the foe with integrity, Courage means that we do not hide from or avoid what lies in front of us. It is an understanding that not everything that is faced can be changed, but that nothing can be changed until it is faced. It means that we may hear things about ourselves that we do not like and may have to acknowledge our own limitations, but to fail to do so limits our growth. It means that we may have to say things that may be critical of others, but that we do so with the goal of accomplishing a peaceful resolution, we must be brave enough to do so.


To cherish knowledge is to know wisdom. Wisdom is the knowledge that we acquire about achieving balance in our lives, our work, our relationships and community. It is the use of our knowledge to help others and ourselves to be open and honest, to accept the need for change and to make those changes that we must; part of this knowledge is how to use conflict in life to achieve desired outcomes.


 Truth is to know all of these things. Truth is know these teachings are a foundation of balance and health and the willingness to practice them in daily living.

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