Mark R. Amy Bio

Mark Amy was born on October 31, 1947 in Flint, Michigan.  After completing high school, Mark, went on to attend the University of Michigan in Flint where he completed a Bachelor or Arts degree.  After finishing university, Mark, taught school for several years in the Flint area.  It was at that point that Mark first became interested in peer counseling and working with youth and set up the first peer counseling program in Flint.  Project Triad is still in operation today.  Mark subsequently moved to Chicago in the late 60’s to work in the field of addictions and youth, traveling throughout the United States.

Mark first came to Canada in the mid 70’s in conjunction with the Nechi Institute on Alcohol and Drug Education.  From that point on, Mark, worked primarily in Canada – often spending nine or ten months each year in Canada working on various projects.  One of Mark’s proudest accomplishments while in Canada was acting as the Project Manager responsible for the development and implementation of the Caravan for Youth in 1984.  This project involved working with the youth on a number of reserves in Northern Saskatchewan and Ontario to develop youth prevention activities.  During his years in Canada, Mark also acted as a consultant to a number of Bands and Reserves to assist them to develop plans for new treatment facilities.  This included his role as the consultant for a new treatment center in the Fort McMurray area now named after him, the Mark Amy Center for Healing Addictions.

Mark was also a very talented trainer who was able to encourage and assist Native people from all walks of life to excel at whatever pursuit they were involved in.  He acted as the Lead Trainer for the Program Management series at the Nechi Institute the year prior to his death and was also responsible for the preparation of a proposal to develop the Native Trainer Development Program.  Mark would have been the Project Manager for NTD except for his untimely death.  Mark also completed a number of other workshops in the field in locations such as the Inuvik Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Center, Yellowknife, NWT; James Bay Cree, Northern Quebec; Alkali Lake, BC; and Akwesasne, Ontario among others.  For a number of years Mark was a partner with Four Skies Training and Development Services, prior to leaving the firm to freelance.  He also worked very closely with a number of other people in the addictions field including Butch Wolfleg, Terry McCue, Louise May, Trish Merrithew-Mercredi, Maggie Hodgson and others.

Mark made his home in the Napa Valley of California and took great pleasure in having his Canadian friends join him there.  He died on May 29, 1987 in Napa at the age of 39 years.  Mark was killed in an automobile accident while returning home after attending a Stanley Cup playoff hockey game in California.  Although he was only with us for a few short years, Mark left a tremendous legacy, touching many peoples lives with his wonderful sense of humor and ability to help people help themselves.  Mark is survived by his parents, Ward and Alta, three brothers, Scott, Lee and Chuck and one sister, Dru.  Perhaps, Mark’s most lasting impact; however, was his unending belief in the ability of Native people to succeed at whatever they choose and to transmit that belief to the people he worked with.  Mark will always be missed by those who knew and loved him.