About the Mark Amy Treatment Centre

The Mark Amy Treatment Centre provides recovery support and education from substance and process addictions through group and individual therapy. We focus on an abstinence as the ultimate goal with a healthy, well balanced lifestyle necessary to attain and maintain long term wellness and sobriety. We recognize that sobriety does not necessarily translate to healthiness and all aspects of a client’s lives must be honoured and attended to achieve true wellness. This includes healthy relationships, home safety, diet and exercise in addition to a spiritual direction by their own design.

Our Vision Statement

A community where all are housed and free from addiction.

Our Mission Statement

We do this by providing culturally appropriate programs and support for addiction treatment and housing to individuals and families, focussing our efforts towards Indigenous communities, reconciliation, and wellness.


Mark Amy Centre will be a world-class leader in the field of addictions and provide counselling and therapy in a residential setting to First Nations, Inuit and non-status individuals. We will encourage the health of the body, mind and spirit and remain responsive, accountable, and sustainable and contribute to the future demands of addiction services in Alberta.