By utilizing the medicine wheel as a guide, clients examine the imbalance within their lives and develop tools and strategies to better manage the four aspects of their wellbeing. Clients spend the majority of their time each week in group therapy with time allotted weekly for individual counselling with their Addictions Counsellor and/or our guest Elders. We foster relationships with community resource providers through on site workshops and visits.

We host 2 AA/ NA groups in the Centre weekly and travel into Fort McMurray one night a week to attend and make connections with other home groups in our community. Participation in cultural/ spiritual activities, teachings and ceremonies is encouraged but not mandatory. Accommodation of religious diversity is something we value and we make every effort for clients to participate in their individual spiritual beliefs. Participation in the physical activity components of the program is mandatory with the clients attending a local gym and pool weekly. Utilization of the onsite gym facilities is also strongly encouraged as a part of their recovery plan.

Sample of group therapy modules covered in the 56 day program include:

  • Addiction knowledge and disease concept
  • Codependency
  • Trauma recovery
  • Time management
  • Traditional aboriginal healing perspectives
  • Grief and loss
  • Traditional Parenting in Recovery
  • Family disease & dynamics

Cultural Components:

  • Daily smudging
  • Sharing circles
  • Sweat lodge ceremonies
  • Pipe ceremonies
  • Traditional medicine picking and utilization
  • Healthy relationships & codependency
  • Colonization
  • Intergenerational impacts of Residential schools
  • Mental Health & concurrent disorders
  • 12 step programs (Red Road to Wellbriety, AA/ NA, CODA)
  • Healthy exercise & diet (weekly swim & gym)
  • Relapse prevention

MATC Life Skills Program:

We offer in community Life Skills Programs tailored to the specific identified needs of the community. Topics of focus can include addictions, colonization and residential school impacts, healthy relationships, recovery, trauma, etc. Duration and content focus determined by mandate of the community partner.