Anyone in our region who has been living in Alberta for three months, is a Canadian Citizen/ Permanent Resident, and is 18 years of age and who is homeless or at risk of homelessness is eligible to apply for the Housing First Program. Our Centralized Intake Workers will sit with the applicant and complete a screening interview to determine suitability. If they qualify for the Housing First Program, and as spaces become available, they will be transferred to one of the Housing First partner agencies for assistance in getting housed and for ongoing case management or transferred to one of our Case Managers. The partnering agencies are; Salvation Army, Center of Hope, YMCA of Fort McMurray, Fort McMurray Family Crisis Society,  and Rehoboth Alliance. If they do not meet the qualifications for either Housing First or Rapid Re-housing, they will be offered outreach assistance in addressing the barriers leading to their homelessness.

Centralized Intake Workers also work with the WBWS Outreach Worker to connect with clients in community shelters and drop in centres.

Housing First clients range from single Mothers transitioning to a new life, families experiencing job loss and the chronic homeless that have slept on the street for numerous years.