“Since November 21, 2014, I’ve been in and out of detox facilities including 2, ninety day residential treatment programs in Edmonton and two and half months of post treatment in Fort McMurray. I have just completed a 42 day treatment program here at Mark Amy. Within this last 42 days and more than any other program, I have gained more knowledge about my addiction, myself as a person and also the disease of addiction. I’ve learned about my culture (I’m non aboriginal) and other cultures. Also, I’ve learned more about the effects of substance abuse and what it’s doing to me mentally and physically and more importantly, what it’s doing to my friends and family around me.

The staff at Mark Amy are more than willing to bend over backwards for me and help me along my road to recovery, the only requirement is I must be 100% willing to put forth my best effort to help myself. As of November the 3rd, I am starting phase 2 of the program and doing another 42 days in hopes of finally conquering my addiction and living a happy, sober life. I would most definitely recommend this program to anyone out there suffering from an addiction.”

“Jack” (November 2015)
“Well I am so glad that I made it and completed it (the program) The structure and balance that the Mark Amy Treatment Centre has reached to most of my needs, spiritually, physically, emotionally and mentally. The comfort and the sense of belonging was so inviting. The staff are amazing, especially the cook. I have picked up so many tools that for sure will help me in my recovery. The centre even helps with aftercare! They will also take you in another cycle if you needs it. The Director here is so amazing, she does whatever possible to help a client reach their priorities and needs when it comes to our recovery and our comfort. It’s like she won’t hesitate and it’s awesome. The Counsellors and Intake worker are amazing too!

So I think from my experience or shall I say my journey, while I did the Mark Amy program is or has been a blessing and I am very grateful for it. Thank you!”

“Rikki” (December 2015)
“My name is John and in April 2015, I had finished a treatment program (28 days). I was feeling a lot more healthy, head was clear, but I needed more treatment and I knew this. I was very scared and confused when it came to thinking of my future at that time. Lucky for me I was able to get directly into Mark Amy treatment right away. Which turned out to one of the most important lifesaving things that ever happened to me. I came in uneducated on the subject of sobriety or how to stay there, I was a month clean but had I not gone to Mark Amy I know that I would have used. Reason for this is because I didn’t have the tools or information on how to stay clean or as to why I used the way I did and for as long as I did. It’s a 6 week program with some very intense and emotional information to take in. But all with a purpose. The staff is absolutely amazing, every last one of them. They truly care about the well-being and better way of life for the clients. When I came here I didn’t like talking about my feelings, now when I’m upset or need to talk, I call my counsellor at Mark Amy. They really looked after me here. I’ve been clean 4 months now, I’m back to work and in the aftercare program here at Mark Amy. I’m so very grateful for the chance and will never forget.”
“John” (September 2015)
“To me, coming to treatment felt like I had a lot of problems with me and needed the answers. I was angry and scared, not sure what to expect about anything. Coming to terms with myself was hard, I wanted help so I asked. Everybody will get different results about every day classes and Counsellors. None of this is going to be easy at all. Being co-dependent on something is hard to deal with in here.

This place will help you really look at who you are and help you find the truth, if you are really willing to look in the mirror. The food is great as well. Thanks to the cook, Thanks girl, I put on 10 pounds easy. Haha. We all find the one person that will tell you the truth, for me it is Ferdinand. Thank you very much, I laughed, I cried and came to terms about myself. WHAT IS THE TRUTH HERE? I stopped lying to myself. I wanted answers about why I was confused, angry, and ashamed. He pointed out things like the wall, addiction, optimal self-actualization, self-awareness, PTSD and boundaries. Plus communication, the truth with me… myself. Do I really want to stop drinking!!

Mark Amy gave me the tools to change my future, I am so thankful I came here at this time in my life. I’m happier every day and I love myself and my life. Thank you Mark Amy and most of all thank you Ferdinand; you helped me change my life. Thank you!”

C.S. (May 2013)
“Of the many important topics we covered at Mark Amy Treatment Centre, the one that stuck with me the most, is gratitude. I am grateful for the swift, painless intake process here. I am grateful for the patient, compassionate, resourceful counsellours. I am grateful for the depth of the material that we covered, which included all aspects from basic life skills, to a deeper understanding of spirituality. I am grateful for the diverse, nutritious meals that are prepared here and the sanitized, cleanliness of the centre. Most of all, I am grateful for having a renewed, confident outlook on life. Forever thankful to all involved in my recovery.”
N.N. (April 2013)
“My name is Dave and I’m presently a client at Mark Amy Treatment Centre. I am an alcoholic and found myself as Pastew Place Detox. I was struggling with my addiction and found it necessary to seek further treatment. It was brought to my attention that Mark Amy Treatment is a great place to achieve my goals of become sober. I searched different avenues looking for funding to attend the center and after two days it was still being processed. It wasn’t until after calling the Center, it was revealed that there was an opening and a bed available sponsored by United Way and the cost would be completed covered. The feelings that I felt at that moment were overwhelming and relieving at the same time. I could not keep my tears in anymore and I rejoiced with everyone around me. The gratitude that I feel cannot be put into words. I have been given support from my family, friends, and previous employer to get the help that I needed. Without the opportunity from United Way, I am not sure where I would be or condition my life would be mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. I now find myself at Mark Amy learning a variety of skills, knowledge, and self-awareness to help deal with my addiction. I am grateful for the staff and professionalism that they continuously display. After treatment I am going to use the tools and 12-step program to keep me sober and live a happy healthy life. I hope with the second chance at life that I was given, someone that is in a similar situation is given the same opportunity. I highly recommend Mark Amy Treatment Centre to any other person struggling with their addiction. From the bottom of my heart, I am grateful for the gift of life that was given to me by United Way, Mark Amy Treatment Centre and Pastew Place Detox Center. Thank you ever so much and I will be forever grateful. Sincerely, Dave.”
Dave (May 2012)
“Excellent staff, very good people who are passionate to help other people better their lifes. To live clean & sober, and be happy. It feels good to have lift off on the Red Road again.”
(March 2012)
“I loved being here. The staff are nice. I felt like a family, warm and caring. I’m going to miss my safe zone. Grateful I made the choice of coming here and finally dealing with my issues. Thank you so much everyone!”
(April 2012)
“Excellent staff, very good people who are passionate to help other people better their lifes. To live clean & sober, and be happy. It feels good to have lift off on the Red Road again.”
(March 2012)
“I had a great stay @ Mark Amy Centre. I have learned a lot from the sessions, the role plays and exercises. I have learned to let go of negative feelings, I have learned to open up in a group and share my inner most feelings. Thank you for a wonderful environment and good people. I will certainly recommend Mark Amy Centre to my friends and family in my community.”
(February 2012)
“Overall was the best programming I’ve ever had. Thank you to all staff. I was impressed by you all, you all made an impact on my life”
(January 2012)
“It’s so far out in the boonies but that’s a good thing
because you get cool roomies and discover what they bring
to the program so if you want to get sober
slow down your drinkin’ and come on over.
You’re missin’ out on a good life cuz things do get better
Don’t feel so down you’ll make it through the stromy weather
We all have rainy days but thats to be expected
But out comes the sunshine if you really want it that bad.
Mark Amy Treatment Cente is one of the best in Alberta.
I can vie for it cuz I experienced it word up!
I’d really recommend it. I don’t mean to preach
I just encourage ya. They got plenty to teach
So getcha mind right. What you waitin for?
A worse life? Now is the time take a step through the door
It’s better on this side, trust me. You won’t regret it
I made the decision to come here and I ‘m give’em credit
For such a GREAT job. My life is on a better path
I know it will be hard but I’m ready for the challenge
Put 2 & 2 together do the math. Make it balance
Thank you M.A.T.C for helping me. You put the treat
in treatment. Koodos to ya, now I don’t feel so beat.
I feel ready for anything so bring it
Got my life together, ya dig it?
Peace out”
B.W (April 2013)